Gentle Alarm - the sleep-cycle alarm

Gentle Alarm is a new sleep-cycle phase alarm clock developed by a medical scientist and neurologist from Germany.

In contrast to conventional alarm clocks, Gentle Alarm will wake you softly and reliably during your light sleep phase.

Gentle Alarm readjusts to your personal wake-up needs and keeps learning about you with every use. The system will lead you smoothly from the deep sleep phase or dream phase into the light sleep phase without you even noticing. A mere few days of use will provide you with your very own individual wake-up procedure. Gentle Alarm will become your very own, individual alarm clock, perfectly attuned to you (and only you).

Using Gentle Alarm is easy: just set the alarm time! After waking up, you simply slide your finger across the screen to stop the alarm. The patented intelligent control system will take care of the rest.

Put an end to doziness and fatigue and start rising refreshed and in shape every day with Gentle Alarm!

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  • sleep-cycle based alarm
  • wake-up time display
  • sleep time display
  • tibetan alarm sound
  • low power consumption
  • checklist


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